Jul 1, 2010

Super Sexy

Currently, I sound like a mix between an 85 yr old smoker and Miley Cyrus... super sexy. I never get sick but apparently I am also going to have the "year from hell" as far as transitioning to daycare and getting every sickness known to man. Everyone keeps telling me NOW that the first year of daycare is hell because the kids are basically sick nonstop. Awesome! So looking forward to this!

I was up from 2am onward last night because I couldn't breathe through my nose and breathing through my mouth hurt my throat. NOW I feel ever worse for how sweet Jane must have felt the last week and the guilt has disappeared from feeling like I was giving her too much "drugs". Now I feel guilty that I didn't have her on a tylenol I.V. as it fully explains why, despite my constant trying, she had no interest in drinking the "clear fluids" as recommended by Dr. Mom and the real doc... it hurts like heck to drink!

Regardless, my little sweetie woke up at 5am and wouldn't go back to sleep. I brought her in bed with me and it took an hour but eventually we both fell back to sleep and woke up, over-heated and more-rested, at 8am. Thank God.

Today's a holiday here in Canada - Canada Day - YAY CANADA! Canada is the BEST place to live. I know the US rocks and other places too but I'm Canadian and I love it here. So, we're hoping to hit up our favourite spot - the wildlife park - with cousin Lucy. Of course, cousin Lucy is all screwed up right now too and we can't figure out why... maybe she's stressed from all the change (moving and such) or maybe (and I feel bad about this) she's getting strep throat. I mean, they were living with us the last two weeks - what are you going to do? I'm sure there are some crazy people out there who would try to avoid letting them share sippy cups and what not but why would you even bother? It's fighting a losing battle. Infants don't know to cover their mouths when they cough and wash their hands... if your babe is around a sick babe, they are getting sick. That's it. That's life. That's how they build a strong immune system.

Alright, we've got to make a trip to one of the few open spots today - the drug store - for some homo milk. Jane's on 100% homo (full fat) milk now which is so great and so easy. I'm still warming it so the next stage is to gradually get her comfortable with drinking cold milk. Then I'm going to work on getting her to feed it to herself. I know she could likely give herself her "bot" now as it is but I enjoy that time with her. Especially now being back at work. I love that snuggle time before bed/naptime when I feed her the "bot"... not ready to give it up yet! :)

Happy Canada Day!
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