May 3, 2010

The Single Life

One of my best girlfriends just called looking for advice as she has a first date tomorrow night. First of all, I did a little happy dance inside... I'm cool enough to call for date advice? Personally, me thinks this is not the case. Regardless, I'm pretty sure she didn't really call for advice but more called because she knows I LOVE to hear about the single life. 

Remember the single life? Not having to worry about anything or anyone but yourself. Spending the entirety of a Sunday in your jogging pants watching old movies like Overboard on TBS three times in a row. The excitement of meeting someone new and not knowing if it was going to go anywhere. And so on. Obviously, they are cons to the single life too but we all remember those too (sitting home on a Saturday night because it's raining and there's no one to go out with so you're watching romantic comedies and eating too much ice cream). Also, my "mommy guilt" is forcing me to say that I, obviously, would not change or wish for a second that my life were any different... because mommy guilt makes me feel like in saying that sometimes I miss "the single life", I'm suggesting that I am not happy with my current life which means I'm unhappy with my baby which is absolutely, 200%, out of this world INSANITY and, of course, untrue. Oh, mommy guilt.

Anyways, I love hearing about the single life... the excitement of meeting someone new and over analyzing everything, creating a "strategy" for moving forward and so on. It's even more fun now that I have Dan as gives my girlfriends and I the best insight into male behavior... basically, they don't think too much. Women often over-think and men don't think hard about anything, unless they are picking their fantasy football team. It's almost like men and women were created as opposites as some kind of sick joke... like the world is just someone's fish tank and they are on the outside watching us and laughing at us trying to get along and live happy lives together. Some days, I totally get the lesbian thing... I've often said to my best girlfriends that I would marry them as long as we didn't have to have sex. :p I mean, how great would it be some days to have a wife?!?! Seriously!! How nice would it be to have someone else who knew the importance of putting the dishes away, doing the laundry, getting things done on time, etc. I would love to have a wife. 

Again, I got off track... the single life. I think this is why books like Twilight and all the chick-lit out there are so popular with us Moms and married gals. I call it "girly-porn". We don't need all the sex and stuff (not that that's not fun too). What we want to hear about is the excitement of the unknown and usually the standard happy ending. It's fun to escape reality once in awhile... and better to do that through a movie or a book, thank by actually "escaping" reality! :p 

I currently have a stack of chick-lit ready for me to dive into but I have too many projects to take the time right now. My favourite of all time? Bridget Jones's Diary. I read this after I watched the movie and it's soooo worth it. I used to read it on my way to school when I was in university. I'd be sitting on the bus cracking up laughing... out loud. Yeah, so I'm pretty sure the other people on the bus thought I was crazy but I couldn't help it. Hilarious book. Emily Giffin writes a good series of books too and I'm pretty sure they are making a movie of one of them, "Something Borrowed", right now which should be fun and, of course, likely to star Kate Hudson and Matthew (uh oh, I lost my shirt again) McConaughey (I looked up how to spell that) or a similar Rom-Com team. Doesn't really matter though because I'll watch it happily and brainlessly regardless. 

Here's Jane reading the "classics" - 
Bridget Jones, Shopaholic and So on. 

Okee dokes. Mommy guilt requires me (again) to emphasize that as much as, on rare occasions, I allow myself to reminisce of the single life, I do not wish to be single and without my Jane... I know, I'm crazy that I feel I have to say this but that's mommy guilt, that's how I think now. Any time I think about wishing I could spend a Sunday on the couch doing nothing, guilt immediately fills my body because of what I think that may be suggesting when obviously I would never trade my situation for a bazillion bazillion dollars. Crazy.

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Cara Mamma said...

Ah yes mommy guilt! I had the "good fortune?" of going through the single life a second time around- only this time, I had a preschooler in tow. I was never good at dating, so starting over was hard--but now that I have married one of the men I had a 2nd chance single life first date with.... it was all worth it!
Enjoy living vicariously through your friend!