Mar 17, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Feeling great as I've kept up with running for the last two weeks. I LOVE to run but, like most people, if I fall "off the wagon" (or have a baby in this case), it takes a lot to get me back at it - my motivation? The weather! The weather has been amazing the past two weeks. Seeing the runners out enjoying it just made me too envious so I had the join them.

I've started from scratch again, interval training. When I first really started running (almost two years ago), I took a Running Room course -
Women's Learn to Run - and I really liked it. Once a week we had a "class" (20 min lesson on different running topics) followed by a run and then the Running Room has some sort of "group run" thingy-me-bobber on Sunday mornings where anyone can show up and you're pretty much guaranteed some running buddies at your level. So, I considered those both "mandatory" runs and then it was much easier, psychologically, to convince myself that I only had to run 1-2 additional times on my own during the week. The only con, and I'm not saying this to sound "cool", was that almost immediately I was a little "better off" then the rest of the ladies in my course and by week 3-4, I was starting to feel bad because I was so much faster (I'm taller, naturally I'd have a longer stride) than the rest of "the girls". Anyways, if you're interested in starting to run yourself - here's a similar interval training program to what I'm doing. Last week I did 2 mins walking, 1 min running (6 times) and this week I am doing 2 and 2 (5 times). I'm finding it pretty easy so far so I might switch it up and do 1 and 2... we'll see. My favourite part, about halfway through my run my love-handles start to itch which makes me feel like they are MELTING away! :p ha ha ha (in my dreams).

Ok, funny story... I wore my pre-pregnancy SKINNY jeans all day Saturday (Yup, that's right!) - and by wore, I mean went out in public with them so they didn't just fit, they were wearable (important distinction). Anyways, in the true style of a serial dieter, I thought I should reward myself with (if you don't know the answer to this you haven't been following my blog long enough)... A Cadbury Fruit and Nut Chocolate bar. Duh! I mean, women who don't reward themselves with food are my heroes! Diet experts are always saying "don't reward with food", buy yourself a pair of jeans or treat yourself to a massage.... uh, hello! If I was loaded rich, yeah, I might reward myself with a new pair of jeans every week. But, I live in the real world and in my world, reward = chocolate. Actually, pretty sure if I was loaded rich, I'd get chocolate and jeans. Anyways, that's not the story. So, I was eating my chocolate bar and lying on the couch (Jane was napping obviously) and, truth be told, I wasn't all that into the chocolate (which confirms my belief that I'm actually truly ready to be healthy again because it's the only reason I can think of that I wasn't savouring every precious bite). Regardless, I ate the whole bar. The next morning, I go into Jane's room when she wakes up and see dark poop smeared all over her sheets... I mean her whole room even stunk like poop (a sure sign of a dirty diaper). So, I carefully roll her around in her crib (I'm not picking her up until I'm aware of the situation) to see where the poop has managed to escape her diaper, sleeper and also a sleep sac and (WTF) I can't find any poop on her! So, I'm thinking this is an A&E mystery now to find out how the poop escaped three layers of clothing without getting on anything but the sheets. After a few seconds I thought "rub your hand in it Jen and see if it smells like poop" (ha ha ha - genius). Well, it didn't. Light bulb moment. When I had put Jane down to sleep the night before my nursing bra was still open. There must have been chocolate crumbs in my bra that fell into her crib as I laid her down and then melted into the sheets throughout the night... hilarious. I'm sure this stuff doesn't happen to skinny people! I'm sure Giselle isn't finding chocolate "poop stains" on her child's sheets in the morning. Look at all she's missing out on! :p Lesson learned. Next time I reward myself with chocolate, I need a bib.

Managed to drop another pound this week (I'm on a roll now, there's no stopping me):

Starting WIW weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 140 lbs

Pounds lost: 17 lbs (Yeehaw!)

Pounds to lose: 3 lbs

At 140 lbs, I've reached my "conception weight" which, for most women, is likely their pre-pregnancy weight. Not me though. I convinced myself that before I got pregnant, I need to eat more nutritiously (which was basically just an excuse to eat more) so I gained 3 lbs before I even got pregnant (genius plan). Might have also had something to do with the fact that I read that full-fat dairy can help women ovulate or some nonsense and so I convinced myself to eat a serving of ice cream (definitely the full-fat dairy these "experts" had in mind) everyday before getting pregnant. ha ha ha. I'm awesome. :p

How y'all doing with the post-baby weight?

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PS - A few recent pics of my diva-in-training (oh, the diva tantrums she has had the last few days are hilarious... in retrospect).

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trac54 said...

I love coming to work every morning and being able to read your new blog! :D

I think I want to start blogging again :D

I'm starting to run as soon as I can get the treadmill in my house! This is the program I did before Disney and lost lots of weight and looked great. I'm pretty sure I've gained it all back plus 10 pounds more.
I really love running, something about getting that "runners high" makes you addicted! Which is great because it's not a drug and you are IMPROVING your health doing it!

My worst problem is that my legs don't get tired, my lungs do. I need to properly learn how to breath while I run. It's not that I run out of breath it's that my lungs ACTUALLY hurt.

The program I did was called Couch to 5k. It's pretty much the exact same thing as yours but it sounds cooler. Pretty much it's a program where you go from never running(and being a couch potato! like we all are!) to running a 5k!

I really need to try to keep myself motivated to do this as it's something I'd really love to get back into. I just fall off the wagon because I'm doing it alone.

Kate said...

I did the Running Room's 10K program a few years back and I loved it! I also considered the Sunday run a mandatory run, especially as that was went we did our long run. I did the program with my old roommate, which made it easier to stick with it.

I'm just starting to run again too, post-baby and Canadian winter! I always find it easier to stay motivated when I have a goal in mind. Right now Hubby and I are training for an 8K run in 3 weeks.

Good luck!

Lindsay said...

Just came on to recommend Couch to 5K but see that someone else already has!!
I started last week in an effort to KEEP UP with the program and not give up fter a week!
I started week 2 yesterday (run 90s, walk 2min) and am loving it!
Can't wait to get to the end!

Laura said...

Hey Jen!! I too just started couch to 5K and am on week 2. I wouldn't say I am loving it yet, but def feeling motivated! love your blog, I check it every day!

Anonymous said...

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