Mar 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already? Seriously?

Quick post this morning as I've got the girls coming for a play-date today and, in true Mom style, I have to clean up the house to make it look as though it always looks that way. Meanwhile, currently you have to step over landmines (a.k.a. numerous toys) to get to the livingroom from the kitchen. :p I spent hours online trying to find the perfect storage bins and organizers for Jane's playroom... they've never been used. Why would I put it away just to take it out again?

I've run twice this week. Doesn't sound like much, I realize, but is basically a record for the last year so I'm feeling quite proud. Also, my girlfriend was in town with her little man (see pics) this weekend and we went to get my measurements for her bridesmaid dresses and I joked that they could just write down 34-24-36 so you can imagine that I almost peed my pants when the first two numbers were 34-26! What the heck is 2 inches, nothing (unless you're a man :p)... let me be clear that the salesperson pulled the measuring tape so tightly that I thought she bruised me (ha ha ha, kidding). As for the hips, the only number I saw put me in the 30's but, in true commissioned-salesperson style, I wasn't allowed to see the last number in fear that I'd take it a run (which we did anyways because my gf is from out of town and ordering the dresses at home :p). I figured if, by some miracle, I was in the 30's for hips, it's probably safest to go with 39.9 because there's no way this bootilicious chick is at 36! :)

At this point, I'm kind of counting on going back to work to get these final pounds off... if I ever find a job. Haven't applied for much but, fact is, there isn't much to apply for. I'm definitely thinking it will be easier to not eat my face off every day when I'm busy and not sitting next to the fridge all day. Boredom is the diet killer. I'm going to start reading again because a good book can make me forget to eat period (not that I recommend this for losing weight). Maybe another crazy mommy project on the horizon as well... we'll see what it takes to reach my goal.

I didn't lose any weight this week, which kind of stinks but, at this point, I'm pretty happy with how I'm looking so I'm not going to get all dramatic about it like I would have a few months ago. If my clothes fit, I'd be satisfied but no such luck which makes me grouchy.

Ok, see. This is what happens. I start writing a post, say it's going to be a short one and then can't stop "talking"... time to go. Cutting myself off. Must clean house.

Stats for this week:

Starting WIW weight: 157 lbs (seems like ages ago)

Current weight: 142 lbs

Pounds lost: 15 lbs

Pounds to lose: 5 lbs

FYI... my girlfriend braved my
Black Bean Brownies that I posted about last week and loved 'um. She's gone home to make her own. She also suggested using an egg substitute (like Egg Beaters) instead of egg to make them even lower in calories.

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Angelene M said...

Hey Jen - I know it's weigh in Wednesday... but I need to share my MB "Monday" moment with you... I made pureed prunes for Abby last week... without knowing there were pits in stewed prunes... and without putting the guard on the processor... stewed prunes all over the counter and we had to strain it to get the pits out! What a mess, but she loves them - thank goodness!