Mar 1, 2010

March Madness

Oh my goodness. I hope you like giveaways cause March is jam-packed!

I started doing a few giveaways in December because I wanted to share some of my favourite products with y'all. I thought it would be a short-term thing. We've basically had a weekly giveaway since then. I'm not complaining, trust me, I love giving free stuff away. It's like my little "thank you" to y'all for sticking with me. With that said, I don't want to become a review/giveaway blog - hold up, before you hit the comment button to tell me that I've offended you because you're a review/giveaway blogger - let me say that I love review/giveaway blogs. I've found many a helpful product because of them. I just prefer to talk about myself more! :p ha ha ha. It's probably inappropriate to complain, talk about your weight, boobs, child's poop, etc. in review posts and these are things I enjoy discussing. :)

I also wanted to be clear that I don't accept every offer that is sent my way for free products, trials and giveaways. I'm very selective. I would never want to alienate any of you or turn you off by supporting every product and not having an honest opinion. Additionally, I will not do a giveaway if I haven't tried the product myself... I'm not about to recommend something and talk about how great it is when all I've seen is a picture. :p In truth, about half of my giveaways are organized because I've found a product I love, contacted the seller/company and begged them to work with me on a giveaway! So, I hope that gives you comfort that I am not just out to get free stuff for myself but, in fact, am out to get free stuff for you too! tee hee hee.

I also try my hardest to support other Moms and small business, which is why I work with Etsy sellers a lot. Aside from the fact that these products are often unique, they are usually cheaper than the branded versions and higher quality because they aren't mass produced.

Anyways, thought I'd give you a heads up about the upcoming giveaways in March. Here are a few of the items I've got planned:
  • Warm Buddy products - Hot and Cold therapy for Mom and Baby
  • Bright Starts 14 Days of Laughter Giveaway
  • Posh Legs Giveaway
  • Sleep Sack Giveaway
  • Mini Diaper Bag Giveaway
  • Glow Baby Journals (PTPA Award Winner)
  • Pampers Dry Max
Yipee! I'm so excited for these! Let me know your thoughts on the giveaways on MOmMy bRaIn - you like? you no like? Comments please!

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Sara said...

Diaper bags, sleep sacks & Pampers?

Oh, my!


Angelene M said...

I love your giveaway ideas Jen - and I love reading about boobs, poop, and all things baby. You're doing a great job!