Feb 15, 2010


Eight months. I can't believe eight months have passed since my little sweetie pie was born. Time flies is an understatement.

Remember when we were younger? Remember when the summer seemed to take an eternity to arrive? And, when it finally did, those two months seemed to last forever? What happened to those days? Is it that we become so busy in our "old age" that time seems to go by faster because we aren't paying as much attention to life as we used to? Hmmm.

Recently, Dan and I sat down and looked through all our pictures from 2009. The pregnant belly pictures, the pictures taken after Jane was born, our first few days home... it's not until we revisited these moments that we realize just how much has happened in a year and how much time has passed. Jane has changed so much. She has grown from a helpless newborn into a little lady, full of personality and always looking for trouble. Everything she does makes me laugh. It's so hard not to crack a smile when she's doing something "bad" and I'm saying "no. no. no." over and over. Already she reminds me a little of myself.

We remembered when we were bouncing-around-the-room excited because she was reaching up to hit the toy hanging from her activity center, unable to move herself much more than a swinging arm. Now, every day is a new development... eating solids, sitting up, first bites of toast, crawling, "talking", feeding herself, drinking from a sippy cup, pulling herself up - it never ends! I've been trying to teach her "party tricks" lately like waving, blowing kisses and clapping. She thinks it's all pretty funny at this point, watching Mommy act like a crazy person to try and get a reaction out of her. Anything for a smile!

I've started looking for jobs. I remember when Jane was weeks old and I barely put her down. She slept on my chest for naps. I never left her for more than an hour. The thought of leaving her for more than a few hours would have broken my heart. Now, the thought is less heart breaking. I know, in the long run, it will be good for her to socialize at daycare. I know, for me, it will be nice to get back to myself a bit more. Being a Mom is the most important part of me but it's not the entirety of me. I have other dreams and goals as well. Despite the guilt I feel in going back to work and in looking forward to it, I know that Jane will be proud of her Mom once she is old enough to understand it all.

I think of what we have to look forward to - first words, birthdays, first steps - so many firsts. It seems so far away right now but eight months ago, crawling and eating solids seemed like far-off thoughts.

Eight months. I honestly can't believe it. Time flies.

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PS - Pictures above our from another one of our "photoshoots"... taken last week.

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Lena! said...

Wow, time does fly! Jane, of course, is just the most gorgeous little girl in the world :)

I hear ya about returning to work. It looks like I'll be ready to go back next year, and at that point, I'll have been home for three years. I'm both scared at the prospect of leaving... and yet can't wait to drop off their screaming, tantrum-throwing little butts on someone else! Ah, to converse with adults again!

Ange said...

Happy 8 months Jane!!!
I am completely feeling the same way about time flying by. I too was laughing at myself the other day as I was telling Chloe no (is it too much to ask that I get both socks on in 5 minutes). She doesn't even know what No means!!
I'll be thinking of you as you continue the job search!!

Mandi Miller said...

It really does go by too fast. My little Maddy is running now, throwing temper tantrums and basically acting like a toddler. But she was just a baby last week! I guess that's what we will be saying 18 years from now...
Jane is so adorable!!

Morgan Cain said...

Jane is so beautiful Jen, you must be so proud =)
I will tell you time goes by faster with every baby you have, I can't BELIEVE Quincy will be 7 months old on the 24th this month.

PS: I had some time on my hands while waiting for my pictures to upload to Kodak, so I voted for you.......42 times lol. Then I wanted to round out that number so I took it to 50 haha..

Kate said...

Beautiful pictures!

Happy 2/3 birthday to Jane!

Mom vs. the boys said...

My youngest is 8 1/2 months too, the newborn stage is gone and they are full fledged babies, looking more and more like toddlers everyday. it all goes by in a sleep deprived fog!

Lindsay said...

Can't believe it's been 8 months since our babies were born! I feel like a walking cliche cause I am constantly saying "where did the time go?!?" It passes so much fast with #2 too ... Sarah will be 3 in May!!