Feb 8, 2010

MOmMy bRaIn Monday

I've been saving up a few for today... which would suggest my MB moments are decreasing in frequency. Not the case. These are just a few of the more standout ones (i.e. the ones I can remember).

(1) I wear a mouthguard at night because I grind my teeth. I thought it could use a
super clean one day. So, I was going to "sterilize" it, like I've been doing to my bottles, pacifiers, etc. Boiled up some water, threw in the mouthguard and left it. Later on, I picked my gleaming, 6 month old, $300 mouthguard out of the bowl. Satisfaction. It had never looked cleaner! Popped it in my mouth. Hmm... a lot tighter than I remember. Ouch. F. I can't get this off! After a little maneuvering, mouthguard was off. Can somebody tell me what I was thinking? Most mouthguards are made my heating plastic or whatever they use, moulding it and then cooling it. So, in my attempt to super clean my mouthguard, I totally eff'd it up. I thought it was going to be stuck on my teeth permanently. Thinking, oh Jen, that's not so bad? Well, then, I wanted to fix it. So, I thought (this is always my mistake - "thinking" as if my brain still works properly!) - if I boil it again and put it in my mouth while it's still hot, leave it on my teeth and let it cool, then it will fit again - right? Yeah, it was stuck again. Worse. It took me like 5 minutes to get it off and I was convinced I had permanently misshapen my teeth because it squeezed them so hard. Awesome. I'd like to have a reality show that's taped inside my brain... instant hit, comedy of the year.

(2) Took Jane to the mall. Of course, living in a dream world, I brought her stroller hoping that she'd be happy staying in her car seat for the hour I planned on checking out the sales. She ended up in the Snugli on minute two of the mall trip. As the trip came to an end, I passed the coffee shop. Mmmmmm, Chai Latte. Sold. Because I had my little monkey on me, I put the latte in the cup holder of the stroller until we got to the car - I don't drink anything hot around her, ever. I took Jane out of the Snugli, snapped her into the carseat, put her in the car, folded down the stroller, put it in the trunk... F. Yummy, tasty, warm, soothing, Chai Latte all over stroller. Oh yeah! Take the coffee out of the cup holder
BEFORE folding stroller down inevitably smushing latte cup and pouring my yummy $4 drink all over the stroller. Boooo.

(3) Dan's sleeping in the bedroom with me again now (he started just before Christmas). I have to admit. I kind of enjoyed having my own bedroom! But, it's good to have him back (I have to say this or else I look bad)! :p ha ha ha. Just kidding honey (don't even know why I'm saying that because I know, right now, Dan is thinking "yeah right you're kidding"). Ok, so now that he's back, he's more aware of when Jane's waking up because rarely (and he'd say he wakes every time) but rarely it wakes him as well.
Here's a conversation we had one morning:

Dan: "She had an Ok sleep last night eh?"
(yes, American girls, we do, in fact, say "eh" up here in Canada, just not as often as advertising would suggest)
Jen: "Ah, yeah... I guess it was Ok"

Dan: "Well, a medium night"

Jen: "I don't know about that. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best night she ever had and 1 being Zombie Christmas sleeping, she had about a 5"

Dan: "Yeah, that would be a medium..."

Jen: "OMG!! I'm an idiot"

Followed by us both cracking up. What was I thinking? Likely - "Geez, Dan, you don't know much. It wasn't a medium night at all, it was MUCH WORSE, it was a 5 out of 10!!!". :p

(4) Only the football followers will get this one. Last Sunday, AFC and NFC championships. I posted, in both Facebook and Twitter: "Colts-Ravens Superbowl would make me very happy". I love football. Giants are my team. Colts are a close second (I'm a Manning fan). After than, I really like Favre, so I will cheer for the VIKINGS when they aren't playing my teams. VIKINGS being the key word, not Ravens, Vikings. Stupid. I left the status there and just commented about my own stupidity before anyone else had the chance.

(5) Made a pot roast the other day... never made a pot roast before. Regardless, I was following a recipe from my fav magazine, Cooking Light, so I thought it couldn't go wrong. I 100% realized that I had bought a much smaller piece of beef than the recipe called for, seeing as it was just for Dan and I. Got everything ready, threw 'er in the oven... an hour later the house smelled like heaven. Mmmmm pot roast, mmmm smell of a yummy red wine au jous. An hour and a half later, hmmm... not smelling as good. Time for supper. Take the pot out of the oven. Pot roast is fried. Although I halved the recipe because of my smaller piece of beef, I didn't adjust the cooking time AT ALL. Wicked. To make matters worse... I burnt my hand TWICE picking up the lid of the pot (that just came out of the oven after 3 hours) without an oven mitt. Literally, within seconds of each other. I think I cried.

If you have any MB moments of your own to share, please do. Half of the reason why I love this blog is because y'all make me fee like I'm not alone in my nonsense. Hmmm... maybe not half, maybe like 50%. :p ha ha ha.

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PS - Picture of Jane is "through the jail bars" of the crib. Whenever she wakes up from a nap/in the morning, she is always playing around, cracking up laughing and so on. Brought the camera with me one day to capture it.

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MommyBrain said...

oh, the pot roast story cracked me up ... I can totally relate ... I have some of the most ridiculous MB moments in the kitchen!

And I love the crib photo!

Sorry I've been MIA ... having a second rocked my world ;)

Laura said...

I swear it is a mommy thing this lack of brain power. Cam stayed up from 1am to 4am out of the blue last week. I was thinking about work and some figures I wanted to give my boss. Once my child was finally asleep, I couldn't sleep. I'm doing math in my head laying awake. Go to work all proud of myself and guess what I was really wrong. My boss thinks I should take math classes. Very upsetting. Doing math in the am hours with a two year old and going right into work before you check is a bad idea!

Jen said...

This is my biggest fear about going back to work... actually, one of my gfs who just went back told me she felt like she was "acting" or "playing work". ha ha ha.