Jan 20, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

I tried on a bunch of my work clothes yesterday and here's the deal. Most of it fits in the legs (although a smidge tighter than I'd prefer) but it doesn't fit at the waist - which with the new lower rise style of everything, is basically at my hip bones.

So, typically, I'd be thinking, ok, once I get this last 6-7 lbs off, we'll be good. But I don't know. I buttoned up the pants (it's a miracle no buttons were popped) to see what the issue was and, yes, there is a little extra love in the handles but I think my hip bones are just wider! I'm not sure that if the extra love wasn't there, then the pants would fit... cause at this point, there's only a few pounds left to go and there's not so much extra love that I shouldn't be able to button my pants up without the beautiful, outstanding, super sexy muffin top. I know your pelvic bones expand during pregnancy to make room for the babe to come out but aren't they supposed to go back?!?! If it turns out that I get this weight off and my clothes still don't fit properly, that will suck big time-o.

I keep seeing people running in my neighbourhood and it motivates me so much. I loved running. I just started running the summer before I got pregnant. In fact, based on my due date and all that stuff, the day I got pregnant was within a day or two (or on the day exactly) that I ran my first 5K race. Thank god I wasn't pregnant during because that whole "don't get your heart rate too high, don't get too over-heated" thing would have been an issue (seeing as I pretty much ran my a** off and died at the end of the race). How many times have I said to you guys that I'm going to start running again? It's just so freakin hard. I'm sitting here right now, Jane's having a nap and I'll I want to do is lie down and pass out! I know exercise gives you more energy AFTERWARD but how the heck do I get the energy to drag myself to the treadmill in the first place? I guess it's not energy, it's motivation. I'd have to start out small. What's 20 minutes? 20 minutes out of the entire day. That's not even an episode of TMZ. It's nothing... hmmm, I'm still not tempted to get up off the chair. Stupid me. Maybe this afternoon.

Anyways, I didn't lose weight this week so I'm definitely starting to plateau on the diet-only weight loss. It's been harder and harder to lose the pounds each week, even though I have been eating really well. I can't believe it's taken me so long to get this weight off. I mean, at least now, I'm down to a weight that I can live with but, still, I'm looking forward to getting back to me.

I'd take pictures for y'all this morning as it's been awhile. But, honestly, I'm in desperate need of a shower, no make up, etc. etc. and I'm starting to get my pride back, so I can't do it. :p

Here's the details:
Starting WIW weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 145 lbs
Pounds to lost: 12 lbs
Pounds to lose: 8 lbs

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Lindsay said...

It's very true ... sometimes your hips just expand and stay there! I'm still miles away from my pre-preg weight but I remember from after Sarah. Some pants still fit but I had to buy new jeans ... and THAT's OKAY!! :)

Seriously? Don't complain about having to buy new clothes, lol!! You can't force your hips back :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Jen. Don't fret! I've gotten down to either pre-baby weight or even smaller but I have noticed that certain styles don't fit right in the hips. It is true that your hips expand and yes they do retract but not always to the exact same shape. Cut yourself some slack and just go shopping! That's what I did! Hey and if you need a shopping buddy give me a call :)

edmontonjb said...

You're doing a great job! Our bodies change so much with pregnancy and childbirth, don't beat yourself up it. I've recruited my husband as my workout partner so when I'm feeling lazy he gets me moving.

(Visiting from MBC)

Shell said...

I am right there with you. I had NO hips before I got pregnant & now I have big ol' mommy hips, so i've had to replace all of my old pants. (& all my shirts since with my massive nursing boobs none of my shirts are long enough to cover my leftover skin at the bottom of my tummy....) At least it's a great opportunity to go shopping! :)