Jan 28, 2010

Big Girl Seat

FYI... great deal.

We just bought Jane her "big girl" car seat - a convertible - as she's quickly approaching the height limit on her Graco Car seat that came with our travel system.

One of the
top rated Convertible Car Seats is the Britax Marathon - consistently at the top of all the lists I found online. On Babies-R-Us it's $350 including tax and shipping (Canadian) but we got ours at Baby Proofing Plus for $250 tax included and free shipping in Canada.

Wanted to give y'all a heads-up as this is an AWESOME price for this car seat - and, like I said, it's one of the best out there.

If you're in the market, this is worth buying now.

Rear-facing weight limit: 30lbs
- which is awesome as a few articles I read online said the longer they can stay rear-facing, the safer they are.
Forward-facing weight limit: 65lbs (insanely fabulous)

Height limit: 49"

UPDATE: Got a few questions on whether or not this seat was approved for use in Canada - some car seats are not tested in Canada or do not meet our requirements but are approved in the US. I heard back from BabyProofingPlus.com and, YES, this Britax car seat and all the car seats on their site are approved and properly stickered for use in Canada.

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morgan cain said...

awsome deal!! I'm jumping on this for Quincy, we have this one for Jorja and I LOVE it!

Lena! said...

LOVE the Britax Marathon and the Baby Safety Superstore! I live down the street from their showroom, and they provide free installation when you purchase a car seat from them. It was a wonderful experience!

And, they were the only store that suggested the Marathon for my Mini (we've got one in hubby's car but I was dubious it would fit in my little go-buggy), but the rep was like, "You bet, I'll get it in there for you little lady" - and he was right! TONS of room!

If you're back in Misissauga, girl, you MUST visit the showroom. It's HUGE and has thousands of spectacular products :)