Dec 11, 2009

My Top Ten...

Many thanks to Courtney over at Beautiful Mess for fabulously passing along three blog awards to MOmMy bRaIn yesterday. Be sure to check out her blog, it's great...

Anyways, it seems part of accepting one of her awards is listing 10 things that make me happy. Keep in mind, it's 6am...

(1) My Jane. Even at 3am, I am excited to see her smiling face. She makes me laugh all day, smile so much my face hurts and I feel myself just beaming every time I see her, think of her, etc. I never knew you could love someone so much!

(2) My Hubby. He will be shocked by this one because he's always joking that "I want to kill him" but that's mostly because he's always saying stupid stuff that he thinks is funny! :p He always does things to make me happy, his version of a romantic gesture (like pirating New Moon for me to watch at home - I know, we're bad), he's a great Dad and he's my best friend.

(3) Chatting with my Sister and BFF on the phone. Both live in different provinces and we rarely get to see each other, so we talk everyday. My sister and I mostly talk about nothing but we can do it for hours. My girlfriend and I talk about everything, mostly our Twilight addiction these days, but she makes me laugh like no other. If something is funny and we're together, I'll immediately break into that I-can't-speak-my-face-is-blood-red-I'm-gasping-for-air type of laugh which is apparently contagious cause, never fail, she'll succumb to it as well.

(4) Holidays. Christmas mostly but I love Easter too. Growing up my Mom made Holidays so much fun. I think we (my sis and I) were still in High School and Mom found a more "grown-up" way to have an Easter Egg Hunt - at first we were all like "Oh my God Mom, I'm too old for this" but five minutes later we were hunting, riddles in hand, for Gap sweaters and chocolate! I try to do the same, even making Egg Hunts for Dan until last year - I was like 35 weeks pregnant - I couldn't freakin' bend over to tie my shoes, I was NOT hiding eggs that my Mommy Brain would likely prevent me from ever finding... In fact, thinking now, I probably could have thrown myself a egg hunt if not for the whole not bending over part!

(5) Frozen Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bars. You've heard me mention these before. They are my addiction. I keep thinking if I eat enough of 'um I'll get over it - you know, get sick of 'um - but it ain't happ'nin. I blame this alone for the reason it's taken me 6 months to lose enough post-baby "juicyness" to squeeze into my pre-preggers jeans.

(6) Shopping for Jane. I swear, aside from a few goodies on my Birthday, I have not bought anything for myself since pregnancy. Shopping for Jane is SO much more fun. The worst part is, half the stuff I buy, she never wears more than once so I'm trying desperately to limit myself nowadays. Second issue is, I've always been the type of person that when I buy something I really like or something really expensive, I save it for a special occasion... I keep doing that with Jane's stuff and then I go to put it one her and guess what? You already know... it doesn't fit anymore. I need to get over this. I think it's carry-over from my days of no-dough when I was a student and I didn't have a whole lot of "special outfits".

(7) Watching Football on Sundays. Who doesn't love Sundays? The day of rest people! Keep your joggers on, grab some snacks and RELAX! On Sundays, I always wake up, make my grocery list and Jane and I head out for some food shopping. I love grocery shopping - seeing what latest and greatest "calorie-wise" gimics are out there. Then in the afternoon and evening, it's football time! Sometimes it's just Dan, Jane and I and sometimes "the boys" come over - either way, it's awesome. In all fairness, I hated sports, football included, until I understood it and now it's on my top ten.

(8) Blogging. I used to love writing and being laid-off from work with nothing to do but sit around and be pregnant was one of the greatest things to happen to me because I re-discovered writing. Blogging about Mommy-hood and meeting all you other great Mommas makes me feel like I'm not alone and helps me keep my sanity because it's like my little conversation with adults, more importantly women, everyday. Thank you.

(9) Twilight. I am soooo, unacceptably, embarrassingly, over-the-top, 15-year-old-esque addicted to this series. My only redemption is that I know I'm not alone and there are women older than me who are worse... that helps. For example, I've yet to drive for 12 hours, sit out in the rain for an entire night, and make a Marry Me Jacob poster just to see the cast at one of the openings. Although, I'm fairly certain if I didn't have a husband and baby, I would do it and I'd be taking recruits with me as well. I did it for the Backstreet Boys for God's sake and they were no Edward and Jacob (minus the drive because the came here). I actually spent an hour awake last night thinking of ways Stephanie Meyer could continue writing the series... re-write the entire collection from someone else's perspective (Jake? Alice?), start a new, but related, series about the vamps up in Alaska, or, as we all wish, just never letting the Edward-Bella storyline end and continuing on until Renesme is old enough that her and Jake can have there own series... Ok, perhaps I've gone to far... are you all looking at me now with your eyebrows up in the air like "what the heck is this woman talking about?"...

(10) Party Planning, Wedding Planning, Shower Planning. I love, love, loved planning my wedding - choosing flowers, favours, invitations, coordinating everything, making my own special touches to make it all match. I tried to do the same for my Baby Shower but it was harder as I was limited by funds (no job remember) and the whole not being able to move much cause I was a giant person factor. I love finding unique decorating ideas and just going over-the-top in general. Now that my shower/wedding days are over, I substitute my love for all things coordinated and martha-stewarty by doing crazy mommy projects, which is a subcategory for this #10. :)

Ba-dee, ba-dee, ba-dee, that's all folks!

I'm supposed to pass this award along to a bunch of my favourite bloggers... but that's all of you. I may not visit regularly, I may not comment ever, but I love your stories - you are all awesome.

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PS - What are some of your favourite things?

Update #1 - Another Twilight idea... what if she wrote the entire series again but changed the ending? I.e. who Bella ends up with? Do you know how impressed I am with myself that I had the smarts this morning to not ruin everything for those who haven't finished the series by saying who she ends up with? I'm awesome! And, yet, a nutball all at the same time! :p

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Liz said...

Your list just made me smile from ear to ear. My kids are 17, 19 and 21, so the days you're in are long gone. But boy, I still remember them! I, too loved buying clothing for my oldest, especially, because she was the only one! I way overdid it. In some ways (they're all girls) I'm still overdoing it. It's just that now they're picking things out themselves! They're all 3 Twilight addicts, too -- I haven't gotten there yet myself. Your comment about football also made me laugh -- I know enough to follow the game, but a lot of the intricacies that make it fun are sort of hazy to me. My one daughter has it worse, because her boyfriend loves, loves, loves it, and she's way more clueless than I am (go to a Big 10 school, and be in marching band like I was and you're bound to pick up some of it!). So for Christmas I'm following a friend's lead and giving her a book on understanding football, "A Sportcaster's Guide to Watching Football. It's got the basics covered -- and it'll help her figure out what's going on, come New Year's Day (and the Super Bowl). If nothing else, she'll learn things to say that sound good, even if she doesn't QUITE now what's she's saying!

Happy being in love with baby and hubby. (By the way, I have a sister named Jane. Love that name. It's unusual these days, I believe.)