Dec 31, 2009

Mommy Money Saver

I don't know how (because I pride myself on being very knowledgeable when it comes to saving dough) but I wasn't aware of this so I thought there was a good chance you might not know about it either.

Several websites have been created that allow you to sell unwanted gift cards or buy discounted gift cards.

Card Swap is Canada's version of this fabulous service. They sell discounted gift cards from spas to restaurants.
Plastic Jungle was top on google's results for American discounted gift cards and seems to be laid out similarly to Cardswap.

If you're interested in buying or selling, this seems like a great opportunity to to be budget-conscious, especially after the Holidays! The only con I can find so far is that, obviously, availability of gift cards is limited based on what other people don't want... as "they" say - one person's trash is one person's treasure.

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PS - Wishing you a fabulous start to your 2010... mine will start tomorrow morning as there's no way in heck I'm staying up until midnight. I haven't seen 11pm since my two nights in the hospital when Jane was born! :p

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morgan cain said...

totally unrelated, I was just blowing some $$$ on Etsy when I came across this[]=tags&includes[]=title

If I remember correctly you said you found out you were prego sometime around attending a NKOTB concert?? In any event, this shirt made me think of Jane hehe. =)