Dec 18, 2009

Crazy Mommy Project

I scammed this idea from Posh Little's Holiday Gift Guide which has some great ideas for toys and gifts for babes of all ages.

I saw this super cute painting (on the left) and I thought it would look fabulous in Jane's new playroom! However, I cannot rationalize spending $75 US for it when I thought I could do a similar re-make myself... hence, another Crazy Mommy Project. As with all CMP, mid-way through this one, actually almost at the beginning, I thought "what the heck have I gotten myself into here?"... but I had already bought the canvas and was committed at that point.

So, here's what I did.
(1) Bought a 20x20" canvas from Michaels (Regularly $24.99 but was 40% off plus I got another 15% off because of a Saturday special)
(2) Found paints I had laying around from previous CMPs
(3) Using Microsoft Word, found some fonts I liked that were similar to those in the original painting, set the font sizes to 400-700, varying sizes, and printed them.
(4) Cut out the letters and placed them on my canvas as I wanted them arranged and then traced them with a pencil.
(5) Started painting! Choose a bunch of colours I liked and selected which letters would be those colours and voila!

It took me probably two weeks to finish it all because I only took an hour or less a day to do it... as I said, almost immediately, I was thinking this was a bad idea! But I liked the finished product and am not too embarrassed to put it up on my wall! :p

I'm likely totally in the wrong for knocking off someone else's idea... but I'm broke, cheap and not willing to pay $35 shipping for Canadians (now that's definitely in the wrong)!


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Update: Click here to download the publisher files for each letter - actual font and size that I used to make my painting. If any letters are missing, it's because I couldn't find the font I wanted so I drew them by hand (e.g. P). If you don't have publisher, click "contact me" at the top of this page and I'll sent you the size and font info if you want.

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Ange said...

Wow - you did an awesome job!!! I have quite a few CMP on my list too!!

allison said...

this turned out beautifully! i am so impressed and totally plan to copy your re-make for my daughter's room :-) thanks for the idea!

Angelene said...

Very cute and well done!

Lindsay said...

This is AWESOME!!! Care to share the fonts & sizes you used for each letter?? I would totally do one of these but doubt I could find the time to search all the fonts. You did a fabulous job!

Jen said...

Lindsay - link to download files is now at bottom of this post. :)

MommyBrain said...

go on with your crafty-self! love the finished product - great replica and cheap - woo hoo!