Nov 10, 2009

If You Love Me...

If you love me at all... hmmm, even if you hate me but you're bored... could ya click this flashy button to vote for me?

The creators of Top Baby Blogs has created a new TOP list... for Mommy Bloggers. :p Anyways - I need to get on the list in order to keep meeting great ladies, like yourselves!!

I know this is stupid and, likely, a pain in the a*%... and you probably visited here today looking for something entertaining or "educational" and instead your getting begging and annoying.

Pretty, pretty please??? It's hard to stay tops on any of these lists because I'm so tiny in the huge world of blogging, but, regardless, a girl's gotta dream! :)

Thanks in advance - Happy Tuesday to ya! :p

Jen :)

Hmmm... what a pretty button... perhaps you could click it for me.... click it 500 times if you want... And, yes, just clicking submits a vote! :p

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Am I placing a vote just by clicking it? I clicked and looked on the site for where to vote but couldn't find it.