Nov 13, 2009

Excited about TEETH!

Ok, don't hate me but Jane's got two teeth coming in and (knock on wood - as always) she's still all smiles!

The only thing that's changed over the past two weeks is that she went from waking only once a night for a feed to waking twice. And every other night or so, when she wakes, she wakes for an hour on and off and every time she wakes during that hour she screeches! I was like "what the heck is going on with my child?!?!"... now I know. She hasn't been abnormally fussy, drooling any more than usual, biting more than usual, etc. So, like we always say, it's different for everybody!

I discovered these teeth while wiping out her mouth this morning (as I do every morning - supposed to be good for their gums and teeth or something - honestly, Jane thinks it's hilarious so that's mostly why I do it!). I always try to check her gums but it's so hard because her little tongue always gets in the way. But this morning I noticed two little white marks on her bottom gums. So, I took my finger nail and kind of scratched at one of them and, sure enough, hard and jagged... a TOOTH! :p Dear Lord, hold on to your nipples... she's already started biting a little during her nighttime feed. Doesn't hurt now but I don't wanna think about how it will feel with two fresh, jagged little bunny teeth in there! I've been told this is when to start teaching your child the meaning of "no"... but I don't know how well that will work because, so far, when I say "no" to Jane, she laughs at me! :p

Wanted to share the news as, only another Mom could understand, how excited I got over teeth! I called everyone!

Lots of Love,

Jen :)

PS - We have company this weekend - my best bud, her hubby-to-be and Jane's boyfriend (their 7 month old Parker) are visiting. I apologize in advance, but I'll be "off" this weekend. Fresh start Monday morning though! xo

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