Oct 27, 2009

Playroom: Phase 1

We don't have a HUGE house... it's a duplex, almost 2000 square feet but that includes the finished basement that's only used as a workout room/office (so rarely used these days) - ha ha ha. Dan and I wanted to make a play area for Jane. Mostly for when she's older but also a place for her to have fun, play with her toys, etc. that's just for her.

Our main floor is really open, so in our kitchen area we had a dining area, a sitting area and then the actual kitchen. So, we eliminated the seating area, moved the dining table into where the sitting area used to be and then made the old dining area Jane's playroom. This works fabulously as she is always in my line of sight, no matter what.

Our biggest challenge has been finding a table for under the television. We want something small, not cheap-o looking, in dark wood. We've found about 15 different tables we love at Wicker Emporium (online) but every time we call a store to see if it's in stock, every store is out! GRRRRR! This is one of few reasons why NS drives me crazy... not enough stores, not enough stock. :p

It was Dan's idea to put all the sweet pictures of Jane and her friends on the wall... in my house, things are a little backwards - Dan does decor, I do the handyman stuff. But we like it that way. My Mom had the great idea about putting the whiteboard on the wall for her to draw on (once she`s older) - you already heard the story about my MB moment with this whiteboard.

Phase 1 is basically just an area for her to play with all her toys, jump in her jumper, and watch her Baby Einstein and Sesame Street. Actually, for Christmas, we got her a swing for indoors (don`t tell her) :p. We're going to get my Dad to install one more hook in the beam where the jolly jumper hangs. Then we can hang the swing there - how much fun! Swinging inside! (Credit to my friend Heidz for this idea). Phase 2 will be once she is walking. We plan on getting her a table and chairs set, a `big girl` chair for her to sit in and some other doo-dads.

This was so much fun! And the best part is that Dan and I can sit down and eat at the table again while Janey plays next to us in her room.

Jen :)

PS - Thanks for all the votes yesterday - we were doing really well. THEN, the stupid webpage screwed up and refreshed again and now we're not even on there again. What a freakin' waste. I give up (as I post the code for the button below)! :p

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Alyssa said...

Just so you know...Disney is offering refunds for baby Einstein purchases....

Jen said...

Yes I saw that... makes sense. I can see where people would believe that BE products are supposed to make your baby "smarter" but it's always better to just play with them yourself vs. plopping them in front of the tube!