Oct 10, 2009

A Must-Have

This is the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper and it is fabulous!

It's like a Jolly Jumper and an Exerciser in one!

We also have the BE Exerciser and still use that but this jumper thing puts a big smile on Jane's face and, I know, as she gets older and more active, she's going to love it even more! The age range is 4mos+ and I'd stick to it as Jane's just starting to really bounce-it-up in there now.

Babies-R-Us has them but, as usual, charges too much $129.99. We got ours at Walmart for $109.99. It's super easy to put together (about 10-15 mins) - FYI, you'll need to pick up C batteries for the music and lights if you don't have any around.

Jen :)


Holly said...

I have been looking for an activity jumper like this one for my little guy. Thanks for the review! Its only $81.50 at my Walmart in Texas, I'm going to pick one up soon!

Jennifer said...

I was just at Target looking at this a few days ago! And ya....much cheaper in Texas!
Thanks for the review!