Oct 23, 2009


Today, I am dealing with consequences... Perhaps, it was my MOmMy bRaIn, but I did not consider the potential consequences when I wrote Thursdays post on "Sperm Donors and Egg Suppliers".

I wrote that post as I do all of my posts - honestly, from the heart, and with the intention of sharing my thoughts and experiences with others who have been there or who haven't been there, so we can all learn something from each other.

I apologize to those who were upset, surprised, embarrassed or disappointed by my post - this was not my intention. I do not regret writing it or sharing my feelings... I cannot change the way I feel. However, I do regret the consequences to all those who were affected.


1 comment:

Angelene said...

I think your post was very well written and from the heart. No problem with that in my mind! Keep the honest and open talk coming!