Oct 17, 2009

Blog Awards

So, I suck a little bit with some of the aspects of blogging... mainly, commenting on other's blogs, and something that's new to me, blog awards. I always read other blogs but never get around to commenting and I have guilt about this as I get a lot of great comments from other Mommy-bloggers myself and should really be returning the favour!

Anyways, two of my fav Mommy-bloggers have recently given me blog awards and, with Jane happily napping in her swing, it's time for me to own up, accept them, thank the girls, follow blogging etiquette and complete my responsibilities as an award nominee! :p Since accepting both awards requires me to forward the award onto my own favourite bloggers, I thought I'd be a multi-tasker and do it all in one swoop - giving each of my selected bloggers TWO awards! ha ha ha.

Firstly, my FABULOUS American Mommy Brain counterpart awarded me with the "One Lovely Blog Award", which is quite a honour! Coincidentally, but not surprisingly, both of us MBs have similar styles of straight-forward, no BS, writing. I have learned a lot from reading this great Mom's blog and I am so excited to hear about the rewards and challenges of being a Mom to two sweeties (she's about 7 months preggers with her second baby girl).

Secondly, my blogger buddy Mandy, nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger award, which is too sweet. Mandy writes an amazing blog called Campbell Family Party of 3 with a focus on her journey as a Momma to her beautiful daughter, Mist, who happens to be adopted. Mandy gives straight-up advice and thoughts on her experience with adoption, which can often be a challenging, touchy subject.

So, as a nominee for these awards, it is my blogger duty to nominate my own list of fabulous Bloggers... for the first, I'm supposed to select 15 (which is crazy, I don't have the brain power for that) and the second, I'm supposed to do 7... so I'm going to do as many as I can. The rules state that: I have to inform these bloggers of thier nominations, then these nominees then have to thank me by linking back to my blog and then they have to nominate their own 7 fav blogs and it goes on and on... so, here it goes, in no particular order:

Adjusting to the World - Jessica is awesome. She has a beautiful baby girl, Leah, and I just recently linked to her amazing post, Smiling Eyes, about Leah at 8 months.

ToddlerBrain - K, not sure if this is cheating or not but I don't care. ToddlerBrain is written by my American MB friend... it's awesome, informative and an excellent asset for new Mommies.

Spearmint Baby - Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous ideas, products, everything. Love this blog.

Baby Davis Michael - Great blog about a new Mommy to a gorgeous 8 week old boy, Davis. Lots of love to you and I'm praying all is well with your little sweetie right now.

OK, I'm sorry, I'm out of time - Jane's just woken up and I've got about 5 minutes before she realizes the swing isn't that much fun when she's awake!!

Here's the rest of my favs, without write-ups, but I love, love, love your blogs and check them every time I get a free minute!!!

A Baby Story
Swell Little Life
The Harnying Chandlers
Raising My 4 Sons
Motherhood, Here I Come!
Heir to Blair

Ok, really out of time now... I'm so not following any of the rules of these awards but I just wanted those who nominated me to know how much I appreciate it and tried desperately to pass it along!

Jen :)

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