Oct 5, 2009

Addictions & Disappointments

Was thinking, last week, after a post from my American Mommy Brain counterpart, that I should write about my top tv shows. Typically, I wouldn't care. However, these days, when Jane takes a nap, it's all I can do to catch up on my old favs and my new addictions.

Here are my thoughts on the shows I'm watching - perhaps I can save you from wasting an hour of your life or I can ensure you miss nothing more of the best of the best! :p


Vampire Diaries: Kinda lame-o right now... to much drama from the start. As y'all know, I'm totally addicted to the whole vampire thing, after-glow from my twilight obsession, so I'll keep watching anyways. The whole brother storyline is stupid - as if his being a vampire isn't enough drama.

Castle: The new Bones. Nathan Fillian is awesome. He's hilarious and I love him. This is a must-see if you're a Bones fan.

Glee: Love. Look forward to it every week. Want the yucky wife of the Glee coach dude to disappear though, she's annoying. Hot guy needs to lose the mohawk. That Single Ladies dance in the middle of the football game (see If Only) was awesome.

Melrose Place: Between 90210 and Gossip Girl on the Yuck scale... but I'll watch it if my DVR is empty of everything else and I have nothing else to do, including cleaning the bathrooms. Ashley Simpson? Seriously? Could only be worse if it were Jessica.

The Forgotten: New Christian Slater show about team who works with Cops to solve cold murders. Kinda cool - some narration by the victims Lovely Bones style, which is different.

Old Favs:

Bones: I love Bones. Brennan is hilarious - she's so arrogant because she's genius and it cracks me up to watch her try to understand the interactions of us averagely-intelligent folks. Love the chemistry between Bones and Booth. Hot.

CSIs: SO happy there's a new hot guy on Miami. Can you go wrong with Eddie Cibrian? Don't care what anyone says, Horatio is cool. Is Delco saying Bye Bye? Over LV. Never was a big Grissom fan so I thought, once he was gone, I'd be happy but not the case. NY - I could take it or leave it. Tag (from Friends, no idea what his CSI name is) is kinda fun to watch.

Greys: Hoping the new hospital merger will kick all originals off the show except for McDreamy and McSteamy and replace them with less whiny characters. You know what? Dare I say it but I think I'm over McDreamy too (shhh, don't tell anyone).

Private Practice: First episode was last week and so far so good... killed me that both Grey's and PP had baby-storylines last week. I can't handle anything potentially sad about babies anymore. Is that hot cardiologist dude who wanted to have an affair with Addison coming back? She needs a man already, it's getting old.

ANTM: Aside from Tyra's stupid skits (Super Smize, really?), I love this show. Want that one chick who's acting all entitled (the one who was "discovered" at Tyra's show) to get the boot. Liking Laura, the country chick, she's hilarious and I love that her grandma makes her clothes.

Criminal Minds: Two words - Shemar Moore. For me, this is the Shemar Moore kicks bad guys asses show and I like it. Wish Greg would smile sometimes - a.k.a. Hotch, but he'll always be Greg to me (as in Darma and Greg).

Gossip Girl - Yuck. Too much drama, no idea what's going on anymore anyways.

90210 - Double yuck, double drama. Yuck.

SYTYCD - Great, love it, no complaints.

Oprah - What the heck is going on with Oprah? Where's the celebs and the trash Ops? I hate all this breaking news, stuff to think about crap. She needs to watch Ellen and take some pointers. I still love her though cause she's Oprah!

Ellen - Duh. Who doesn't watch Ellen besides my husband and he's just jealous because sometimes I love her more than I love him (just joking hunny).

There ya go - those are my two cents. Obviously I'm into mindless television but, suffering from MB, what did you expect! I dare not try to understand the complexity of a show like 30 Rock or The Office! :p

Jen :)

PS - Tell me what I'm missing!

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Angelene said...

Wow! I feel so out of the loop on shows... and I do love shows! With my ONE channel (CBC) we don't get any of the shows you mentioned - bummer. But we get The Tudors, which you should definitely check out. Wednesday night at 9pm on CBC. Back in the days of free cable at our old house I did love ANTM, SYTYCD, Oprah, Ellen, and Bones. We have plans to get satellite perhaps for Christmas along with a new TV, but until then I'll keep watching all the lovely DVDs that have been lent to me (I'm currently watching all 10 seasons of Friends)!