Sep 11, 2009

Weird Stuff Warning

There's not a whole lot I can say about this...

They've actually developed a breastfeeding DOLL for little girls to play with! Supposed to develop their nurturing side... Seriously.

Apparently the doll comes with a little vest with flowers where the girls boobs would be (if she wasn't SIX) and the baby sucks on the flowers or something creepy! What the heck?!?!

As if it's not bad enough that we have dolls that teach little girls how to potty train and put on diapers, now we have one that teaches them how to feed a baby - does it come with some sort of cream that makes your nipples hurt like hell and puts little wet stains on your shirt at the most inappropriate times as well?!?! WICKED!

Click here to read one of the many articles on this one. Super creepy if you ask me - I think it did come with good intentions, but it's just going WAY too far!

Jen :)

What are your thoughts?

PS - Lots of love to my American friends who are remembering with sadness the horrible events that happened 8 years ago today. How different the world seems.xoxoxo.

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Jill said...

Yeah that's taking it too far. Little girls should strictly stick with bottle feeding! Isn't that enough to bring out their "nurturing" side?

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. That is WAY too far, in my opinion. Creepy! I guess maybe in a way they're thinking it's a good idea to get more girls considering breastfeeding as they imagine having babies.......but realistic is this, anyway? I didn't nurse long - couldn't - but I don't remember ever once breastfeeding through my shirt......

Just wait.....there will be lawsuits. Some poor child will try to nurse without the flower top and well......that's not going to be good.

Ameya said...

I don't find anything wrong with it. Girls who grow up with breastfeeding moms do that with their dolls anyway (haven't heard of a single one who didn't), this just is the same thing as the dolls that pee & poop (I had those) and sleep and cry. Breastfeeding isn't dirty or sexual, so why is this bad? I'd rather a kid learn this way than with a bottle, to me that's the equivilent of training them to be consumers. *shrug* It's also Spanish, and most of the world is wayyyyy not as uptight about this & breastfeeding is much, much more normalized than it is in the states.