Sep 2, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesdays

This week was HARD for me and the results of not losing any weight reflect that. Jane was on and off with sleeping basically from last Wednesday until Sunday. Naturally, being exhausted, I ate everything in sight and barely got out for a walk. But, as my new favourite person, Jill, told me in a much needed pep-talk (pep-email actually), it's a new day and all you can do is start fresh! So, I'm back at it - walking and eating healthily... I've cut myself off frozen yogurt as I realize I don't have the will power to just have a little vs. having a little - five times a day :p tee hee hee. This is so much harder than I imagined - mostly because I'm used to being able to drop weight quickly by just cutting calories and exercising. It's always motivating when you lose that first few pounds quickly and that's what used to drive me in previous weight-loss challenges. However, with breastfeeding, cutting calories isn't really an option as staying healthy and eating nutritiously for Jane is my priority. On the plus, I guess I can count on extending my Weigh-in Wednesday posts for a while and I'd probably be on everybody's sh*& list if I dropped 10lbs in two weeks... ha ha ha. Of course, as I said I would, here are my pics for this week...

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 157 lbs

Current weight: 156 lbs

Pounds lost to date: 1 lb

Pounds to lose: 19 lbs - crappy deal

My BSB (Bringing Sexy Back) buddy, Jill, started running this week and described it like this - "... my thoughts were as follows: Just make it to the next tree, thirty seconds left... gosh thirty seconds feels like forever! I was in labor for 12 hrs... I can do anything for 30mins, Yipee I can see the stop sign by my house. Yea! I dont have to do this again until Monday :)". ha ha ha. Point is, she was out there and I'm sure she did awesome. She even had a date night and managed to avoid dessert - the woman's on fire! Jill's focusing on portion control and avoiding desserts by munching on fruit after meals to kill any sugar craving. Just so happens Jill didn't lose any pounds this week either, however, I'm sure we'll both have better results next week!

Here are Jill's stats:

Starting weight: 218 lbs

Current weight: 218 lbs ("Boo" - her quote not mine!) ha ha ha.

Pounds to lose: 38 lbs

So, this is real world folks... there aren't going to be any celebrity-style "I lost all my baby weight in 2 weeks" type of stories here. We're going to stick with it, of course, and we will succeed! Thankfully, Jill and I are really using each other for support and I'm sure it is going to help us in the long run.

Jen :)

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Mandy Jo said...

Girl you look great! If this big girl can lose 100 lbs your skinny ass can lose 19:) lol!!