Aug 26, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesdays

So Week One is down for me, but luckily I've got a partner in crime now! Jill lives in Virginia with her sweet 7 week old boy name Jeremiah. We've connected through the blog but Jill is actually my husband's Grandma's boyfriend's Granddaughter... I think I've got that right! :) We decided this morning to avoid words like "diet" and, instead, title our adventure Operation Bringing Sexy Back (BSB for short) ha ha ha.

My week went OK. I am not running (surprise, surprise) but I'm walking daily with Jane for 30 minutes, trekking up the giant hill. I had a "cheat day" on Friday, and had a chocolate bar, it was so worth it. "They" always say that you shouldn't reward good eating with food, but screw them, chocolate makes me happy! :p I think I can eat a little better next week - a smaller snack after supper will be my goal. Eating is the toughest part for me as I find some days I am so tired that all I want to do is eat everything in the house... thankfully, knowing I'd have to post my weight again helped me avoid that temptation! As much as that 1 lb difference has made a huge difference in my figure, I didn't post my pics this week... don't want to make you all jealous (100% sarcasm)!

Here are my stats this week:
Last week's weight: 157 lbs
This week's weight: 156 lbs
Weight lost: 1 lb
Pounds to lose: 19 lbs

Now for my friend Jill. We have a lot in common - chocolate addicts, runners (ha ha ha, I still say I'm a runner, whatever), newly huge boobs, etc. I think we should adjust our goal weight to account for the extra 5lbs or so that the boobs add. :p I have an excuse for everything! Jill loves to exercise so she's going to run her baby-weight off and she is my hero for this as she will likely follow through with it. She's also much more ambitious than I as she's getting her butt into gear at 7 weeks while it took me almost 11. I've posted her pre-baby pictures and week one pictures.

Here are her stats for week one:
Jill's height: 5'91/2"
Jill's current weight: 218 lbs (size 16-18)
Jill's goal weight: 175-180 lbs (size 12)
Pounds to lose: 38 lbs

So we are off and running (well Jill is at least :p) and we are going to be HOT MOMMAS in no time!

If anyone wants to join us, at any time, contact me (link on homepage). I already feel more motivated knowing I have someone to go through this with. Even if you're still pregnant, feel free to email me once you decide you're ready to get rid of the extra lbs... it's going to take us a while to reach our goal so y'all have plenty of time to join us!

Jen :)

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MommyBrain said...

Once I get all fat and get my uterus back, I'll be ready for weigh-in Wednesdays ... by then you'll be all skinny and fabulous! Perhaps this MommyBrain will take over the hosting of Weigh-in Wednesdays in February?! :)