Aug 23, 2009

Tips-N-Tricks: Sleeping

One of my biggest worries with Jane, especially when she was a newborn, was that she'd spit up and accidentally breathe in fluid. It worried me especially at night because I'd feed her and then, once she was asleep, she'd lay in her cradle, completely flat on her back! It seemed insane to me. I can totally see why, back in the day, they put babies to sleep on their bellies. However, as everyone knows, now it's all about the back-sleeping to prevent SIDS.

We looked into buying a wedge to put under her while she slept so that she would be slightly elevated. I mean, we all know that you're more likely to get heartburn and (sorry I have to say it) throw up in your mouth if you lie down right after you eat something.

Here's what we did instead... it saved us money and gives me more peace of mind (I'm always going to worry so I'll never have full peace of mind). I folded up a blanket to about 2 inches thick and placed it under the head of her cradle mattress. I'm sure this would work in a crib as well, although you'd likely need to fold the blanket thicker to get some elevation.

I can't be sure if this has prevented any spit up incidents but, fact is, it isn't hurting and it makes me feel better! A little common sense goes a long way sometimes.

Jen :)

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