Aug 13, 2009

Our Vacation

What a production! Thankfully, my trip was over a week long otherwise the three days preparation (packing, planning, packing things I forgot, etc.) wouldn't have seemed worth it. Miraculously I didn't forget anything, however, it's likely due to the fact that I started a packing list two weeks prior to taking off! :p

We did have a great trip - Jane got to meet a bunch of family for the first time, including my Dad. She also got to meet her cousin Lucy, my sister's baby girl, who's just two weeks younger than Jane!

Most of our trip consisted of relaxing activities - multiple daily walks, Jane helping me read Breaking Dawn (I am crushed that the Twilight books are not never-ending), eating too much chocolate (me not her, duh) and getting passed around by family members (her not me :p). This last one resulted in my first "I'm a Mom" moment! There were a few instances where I'd hand Jane over to someone and she'd immediately start fussing, no matter what they tried. As soon as she was back in my arms, she was content again. As much as I felt bad about it, I have to admit, it made me happy! She's a Momma's girl! Obviously, it's not "ideal" as eventually she'll have to adjust to "strangers" (like when she's 14 :p) but, right now, I'm quite content having her all to myself!

Having my sister and Lucy there was great. It's so funny to see what huge differences there are between babies so close in age. It definitely confirms the whole "every baby is different" theory. Sweet Lucy has a sensitive digestive system and gets quite gas-y... Nancy has been avoiding any possible gas-producing food. I, on the other hand, haven't really paid attention to that kind of thing - I mean I'm not packing down the beans, but not avoiding a whole lot either, and Jane has been fine (knocking on wood now). One night, Nancy was really gas-y herself from too many turkey sammies and was stressed big time because she didn't want Lucy to be up all night from her gas-y breastmilk. So, we fed Lucy my breastmilk! I had pumped some backup milk for the fridge so I gave it to Nancy. Lucy had a great night's sleep! ha ha ha. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Nancy's now transitioning Lucy to formula... she's had quite a few struggles with breastfeeding aside from the gas and it's just not working for her or Lucy.

On Sunday, Jane and Lucy were christened. Holy crap a church service is long when you're sitting there with a babe in your arms (which are about to give out and fall off their so tired) and, literally, cremating from the heat! It was fabulous to have her christened in Newfoundland, my home, with lots of family and friends around. She was so great, didn't make a peep the entire time - actually part of me was hoping she'd scream a little bit so I could take a break and go outside for some fresh, cooler air! :p

In the end, it's great to be home. We were lucky as our friends had set up our house in Newfoundland for us with all the baby essentials. But, it's definitely easier being back to the "schedule" we're used to.

Jen :)

PS - My "bestest" bud Kristie introduced me to the neatest baby essential - we call it a Nummy-clip. You can get them at Walmart - it basically clips the soother onto baby's clothes so when they spit it out, it doesn't hit the floor and that means no more nasty, unknown, floor goop in my mouth as I my fool-proof method of cleaning off the suckie is to stick it in my own mouth! :p

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