Aug 17, 2009

MOmMy bRaIn Mondays

Decided to summarize the previous week's Mommy Brain moments each Monday - scarily, I'm positive that I will be able to provide several examples each week! :p
  1. Went to Costco with Jane. I was there right at open time because I needed to time it so that Jane wouldn't get hungry while we were out. It was a nice day out so I got out, put Jane (in the car seat) in the cart and stood outside the door with the other impatient shoppers. I then realized that I didn't have my Costco card. I didn't freak because I knew I could get a temporary card, so I stood my ground... until I realized I didn't have a debit card or cash. I casually strolled back to the car, put Jane back in and took off as fast as possible as I could feel the eyes of every other waiting shopper staring at me and thinking "what the hell is that lady doing?". Awesome.

  2. The reason I went to Costco was to get something for Dan. I bought a new winter jacket, a new lounging outfit, a few books, and checked out. After I paid and started out of the store I realized I had forgotten to get what I came for... genius.

  3. I asked the lady at Walmart where I could find shoe laces... her response? "The shoe department"... seriously?

  4. Dan and I were watching this "Man vs. Wild" show.. and buddy (his name is Bear, go figure) says something about the "southern hemisphere". Here's the conversation that occurred afterward:
Me: "Oh, that's cool"
Dan: "Yeah, but that's only in the southern hemisphere"
Me: "Oh yeah, and we're in the northern hemisphere right?" (note the question mark)
Dan: "Ahhhh, yeah, you didn't know that?"
Me: "Yes, I did - we're in the northern hemisphere cause we're above the equator?" (note, again, the question mark)
Dan: "Hun, you should know this" (picture Nick Lachey's face as he looked at Jessica Simpson when she said she didn't want any wings because she doesn't eat buffalo). Priceless.
I'm sure there were many more mini-Mommy Brain moments but I just decided to do this post on Thursday and, being a Mommy Brain, I can't remember the stupid stuff I did from Monday-Thursday! :) I'll keep better track for next week!

Jen :)

PS - Share your weekly MB moments as well! Leave a comment!

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Gabrielle said...

Oh my, this is FUNNY. I have four kids and they keep me in giggles on a regular basis. I can't think of any mommy brain stories because I have progressed to absolutely brainless except in emergency situations where the adrenaline seems to reactivate my senses. :)

Lance and Jewls said...

Hey Jen, just poppin' in from SITS. Your baby is adorable, and I love all your funny moments! I have gone to the store without money and it's SO embarrassing! It's even worse when you have a million things in your cart before you realize you have no money....oh the shame! Have a great day!

Mandy Jo said...

LOL:) Love the shoe one! I am guilty of that one too!! oops.

tammy said...

I popped on over from SITS. This was a great post!LOL I remember the fact, my baby(youngest of 4) is 10 and I STILL have those days!!LOL Hang in there...beautiful baby, BTW!!!

Zeemaid said...

I'm popping over from SITS to welcome you! :) Love your graphics on your page. Very cute.

I think we all suffer from mommy brain. *L*

My daughter is named Jane too and we also called her baby Jane. How sweet she is!!!

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS, just to show some comment love! I hope the rest of your week is absolutely amazing.

Have a wonderful evening!


Teresa <><

RebeccaMom said...

hey, just stopping by from SITS to say hi and welcome! you have a beautiful baby :)

Heather said...

Too funny! I love the response your got from the lady in Wal-Mart! Haha! That's something that would happen to me! Welcome to SITS! Have a great day! Glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

Is there such thing as almost Mommy Brain?! Pregnancy Brain, maybe? The other day while making dinner, I couldn't find the eggs and later found them in the cabinet where I left them earlier. Let the games begin, huh?

Lindsay said...

Haha, this is awesome!! I am geographically-challenged on the best of days and could totally see myself having the same conversation with my geography-major hubby!

I love your blog, it's all so true!

Jen said...

Thanks for the comments girls - makes me feel better that I'm not alone in the whole "lost my mind" thing.

And, YES, I would consider losing your mind in pregnancy part of mommy brain as mine started almost immediately! :)