Jul 1, 2009

You CAN handle the Truth #2

Don't assume that the doctors and nurses know everything - this is naive - follow your gut, do your research, and take charge of your own care!

Disclaimer ;p - Sorry to the docs/nurses out there who are capable - My Mom's a nurse and I know most of you are amazing at what you do. However, from my delivery experience and my sisters in Toronto, I am 100% convinced that you should not just put your/your baby's life into someone's hands and say "ok, I'm yours". As women, we often don't question things or challenge people because we don't want to be seen as "bitchy" or rude... your delivery is NOT the time to be worried about hurting someone's feelings. Priority is making sure you are receiving the best of the best. Sometimes a little pressure and a little bit of fear is needed to ensure someone will go above and beyond for you.

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