Jul 11, 2009

Tips-N-Tricks: Diaper Changes

Most everyone knows how to change a diaper, so I have no advice for that... except, be quick! ha ha ha. My first week I went through 2 diapers a change as soon as I'd get the dirty one off, she'd pee in the clean one... this is totally sick, but, during one change, she farted while she was peeing and she basically projectile peed across the nursery! It got in my hair! ha ha ha.

My advice re: diapering is VASELINE! Slather on the vaseline during every change to avoid diaper rash. We got started on this right away but then our public health nurse visited and told us it was unnecessary... thanks a lot lady! Within 2-3 days Jane had diaper rash (and I'm religious about regular diaper changes) and after 2 weeks of Penaten cream, it's finally 99% gone and I'm back to vaseline all the time.

Another tip I'd recommend is putting a thick layer of vaseline over the diaper rash cream. Initially, I kept finding the diaper rash cream was absorbed by the diaper in less than an hour... Putting vaseline on top reduced the absorption. I also did lots of diaper-free time to let the air dry out her little toosh as well.

Happy Bum-Cleaning!

Jen :)

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MommyBrain said...

Just saying, "Hey," from one "MommyBrain" to another :) Your blog is so fun and your daughter is adorable; I'll be back! Oh, and take it from the mommy of an almost two-year-old ... it goes by entirely TOO fast! Enjoy every minute-even the truly chaotic ones :)

Jessica and Michael said...

LOL! I'm going to have to keep this in mind :)