Jul 5, 2009

Tips-N-Tricks: Baby Clothes

To complete my baby "layette", I stuck mostly to the 0-3 mth size (thankfully as Jane didn't fit into newborn). I did buy a few, six each, newborn onesies and jumpers just in case. I didn't buy any newborn "outfits", only 0-3 mths, as I wasn't willing to maneuver jeans and a hoodie onto my 2 week old baby. So far, Jane is living in her onesies and jumpers as it's easy access for diaper changes and they are super comfy for her.

I bought clothes from Winners (Calvin Klein), Sears (Carters), Walmart (Gerber) and Superstore/Loblaws (Joe Fresh). After washing everything, I was shocked at how much some of the brands shrunk - a lot of the 0-3 mth clothes ended up the same size as the newborn stuff! The Joe Fresh clothing has held up the best after several washes, has the cutest style and is, by far, the cheapest. It is my TOP PICK for baby clothes! Unfortunately, pretty sure Joe is Canadian only, so second to that, I would choose Carters. Carters is a bit more expensive but is great quality and washes well. Costco has been carrying Carters items recently and the price is great - like $7 for a little outfit.

I would also recommend hitting the sale racks in the Spring (for winter clothes) and Fall (for summer clothes). I was able to get tons of fall/winter clothes post-season for CHEAP! Buying after-season can save you at least 50%. Even Gap can have some good deals - I love Baby Gap, but seriously, I don't pay $30 on a t-shirt for me! I have banished myself from the Gap after my last mall trip... I thought I'd "have a look" and ended up spending way too much on a few outfits because I have no will power. :p

Lastly, I would stick to buying only the essentials under after baby arrives... onesies, jumpers, etc. I bought a few cute outfits for Janey for the summer and I'm not sure she'll get to wear them all before she out-grows them... stupid me. If you are going to buy outfits, don't wash them and keep the tags/receipts just in case.

Jen :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the name brands but not the name brand prices, i've found some really cute stuff on ebay at a good price, and also not likely to see someone elses baby wearing the same thing!

Jen said...

Ebay`s awesome - but I find the shipping always makes it more expensive for me.

Another option is second hand, which I should have mentioned... I don`t know much about it myself but anyone got recommendations...