Jul 14, 2009

Cradle Cap Conundrum

Calling on all Moms - need your help again. Jane has suddenly gotten a little bit of a dry scalp - a.k.a. cradle cap. Jane's scalp gets quite oily within a day of washing her hair and apparently that's what causes cradle cap, excess oil production which seems insane that excess oil causes dry skin!

My girlfriend, Kristie, recommended baby oil on her scalp, which I'm sure will work but kinda sucks as I don't want to ruin all her clothes, my clothes, bedding, and furniture with grease stains. I know when she was first born and had a little dry skin on her feet, the baby oil cleared it up within a few days. Will it do the same with her scalp or will I have to apply baby oil every day forever? If you click the link above it says to do baby oil before the bath and then wash it out, does this work? Found another website that says washing baby's hair more frequently will help get rid of the oil but, obviously, won't affect oil production. Also, is it best to brush the flakes out or leave them as is? HELP! ha ha ha.

If anybody has any tips-n-tricks for dealing with cradle cap, please leave a comment! :)

Thanks as always,

Jen :)

PS - Had to attach a pic of her in her hat today as I thought it might help the baby oil absorb better. Too cute. Oh, and that smiley pic is just too cute to keep to myself ;) ha ha ha.


Lift Like A Mom said...

I just learned about this in our class last week....so of course I haven't experienced it first hand yet. But, she did say to have brush their head (whether they have hair or not) to help prevent/get rid of the flakes. She said to do it all one direction first, then another direction. And oil before baths. That's all I remember.

Jessica said...

I had the same experience with my daughter who is now 5 months. We did the baby oil every other day for about a week and then the cradle cap cleared up. Use a generous amount of oil and with a soft bristle toothbrush, gently brush the flakes causing them to seperate from the scalp. You can use the toothbrush to remove them. This usually took about 15 mins or so just applying the oil and brushing away. Then I would give her a bath removing as much oil as possible. Sometimes the hair was still pretty oily so I would shampoo her hair again in the morning. I hope this helps. And yes, it does eventually clear up.

Jennielynn said...

I used Olive oil for awhile and it helped but I found it did not clear it up. I went to our local baby store and purchased a bar of Avocado soap made by Dimpleskins (a Canadian company!)I also purchased their "Cradle Me" lotion which really worked well. It really did the trick and cleared up really quickly. Hope this helps!

Jen said...

Thanks for the advice so far - I knew I could count on everyone for advice! Going to give the baby oil, brush and wash a try for now and see if that does the trick. Will keep ya posted! If anyone else has any other tips, keep 'um coming!

Jen xo

Anonymous said...

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns!

The best!

Sincerely, a fellow new mom

Jen said...

Never heard of this Mustela... definitely something to consider if I can't get rid of these few spots using the baby oil method. THANKS!