Jul 17, 2009

6 Week Post-Baby Check-Up

Had my 6 week post-baby check-up today... had no idea what to expect. Only through common sense did I think it was a good idea to shave my legs and "manicure" my you-know-what! :p Thank God too as I got the whole sha-bang, ha ha ha. Even got a breast exam which was completely embarrassing as I'm sure, as he checked for lumps, he got a shot or two of milk in the eye (it was feeding time and the boobs were ready and waiting). He being the key word... I really should have taken the time to find a female GP. Not that I really care, or cared before I guess, but as I go through these female moments, I realize that I am missing something in my male doc... understanding. With a female doc, especially one with children, I wouldn't have any embarrassment with my leaky boobs and mangled vajajay... not so with the he-doc.

Anyways, apparently all is fine down there and up here and everywhere. I wanted to get a script for the birth control pill - for the obvious reasons and for a little hormone control as I'm dying to get rid of these stupid pimples on my face! Unfortunately, however, he-doc explained that any type of hormone "alteration" could effect my milk supply... crapity crappers. I really can't afford to screw that up as it's hard enough figuring it out when it's "normal". So, he says to use condoms... which I'm fairly certain won't help me with the pimples. :p I am going to re-consider the pill once Jane is 6 months - anyone have any experience here? I know because I'm bf-ing, I would need the progestin-only pill but that's about all I know. I'll have to do some research into the likelihood of it affecting my breastmilk... right now it just doesn't seem worth it for any risk.

Let me know, through comments, if you have any advice or experience with the pill.

Jen :)

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Dallely said...

I know a female doctor will be better when dealing with postpartum check ups...I didn't take the pill either due to my breastfeeding dilema...the good thing is i didn't get pregnant until after i stopped breastfeeding baby #1 and now i'm expecting baby #2 so I can't help on the pill experience..sorry!!