Jun 14, 2009

I'm Gonna Be A Supermodel... ;)

Hi all,

Jane had her first photoshoot yesterday... she must have sensed that Dan and I were anxious and that we were in a different environment as it turned out to be quite the adventure!

We arrived at Kerianne's (our photographer) house at 9am and didn't get to taking pictures until after 11am. Poor little Janey pooped on me, peed on me and barfed on me. She was definitely not herself and my heart just broke for her. We were all about to give up when finally she fell asleep. The photoshoot was amazing! Kerianne was so patient and sweet with Jane and the photos are going to be GORGEOUS! She didn't even flinch when Jane peed and pooped on a bunch of her towels and blankets (in addition to me)! I have no idea where it all came from! Our photoshoot ended perfectly as Daddy held a naked Janey and with the last click of the camera, she pooped in his hand! Priceless. We're definitely members of the parent club now.

Kerianne posts on her own blog after photoshoots so once Jane's is up, I'll provide the link so you can see a few shots. She was amazing with Jane and I haven't even seen the product of her efforts yet! It took every bit of will power I had not to cry the entire shoot as Kerianne put Jane on these beautiful, textured blankets in these sweet curled-up poses... she looked like an angel.

Here's the link to Kerianne's site. Look at her Newborn gallery pictures - so sweet...

More posts to come on our first week home with baby - including some thoughts from Daddy in what will become a monthly "series": Dissecting Daddy! :)

Jen :)

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Jen Peddle said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!