Jun 23, 2009

Grouchy, Gas-y, Girl

So I screwed up breastfeeding for "a minute". Thankfully I have quickly repaired my stupid mistake...

Three days ago, I noticed Jane's poop (yes, you WILL start worrying about poop) had changed from it's yellow colour (good) to a green colour (not so good). I called our nurse yesterday to check it out as some of the online info I found said it was fine and some said it could be a bf-ing issue. Well the latter was right...

Initially when I started bf-ing, if Jane only fed on one boob for a short time, I'd go back to that boob for the next feed so that she would get the hindmilk (the good, fatty stuff in the second half of your milk). During her visit, the nurse told me to offer the first boob twice, switching to the next boob if Jane pulled herself off boob #1 twice. I started doing this but obviously it doesn't work for me. Jane often feeds for 5-10mins and pulls herself off because my milk flows so quickly that she needs a breather! So if I switched to the next boob after two pull-offs, she hadn't gotten the hindmilk from boob #1. Apparently the result is green poop, and a gas-y, grouchy baby. For the last two days, Jane was not herself - feeding for short periods, more frequently (equals less sleep), super gas-y, and crying for what seemed like no reason. It was a hard couple of days as I didn't realize something was wrong, I just thought this was life with a newborn! The hardest part is that you get frustrated with the baby and then you inevitably feel intense guilt 5 seconds later for feeling frustrated with your sweet baby!

Anyways, long story short - yesterday, I went back to my old method. If she only has a quick feed, I return to that boob for the next feed until it feels empty. Already, her poop is turning yellow again (YIPEE for yellow poop!) and she is sleeping regularly again and, thankfully, not fussy! HALLELUJAH!

So, there ya go, my first new-mommy screw up - many more to come I'm sure! How bad did I feel when I realized that it was my fault that she was so uncomfortable with an upset tummy?!?!

Jen :)

PS - Anybody watching the Bachelorette (guilty pleasure)? I love Jillian but, seriously, she's an idiot - Jake was the best! Why do these chicks go on these shows and let go of the guys who would be "dream" hubbies! Come on people! Yes, you may have more "chemistry" with the bad ass dude, but he's an idiot, and you're gonna regret your decision in 6 months when the "lust" stage ends and you're stuck with an "effin" loser! :p The previews suggest that Jake returns (love a man in uniform), but guaranteed she's going to end up with the annoying, sleazy Wes - YEEHAW and YUCK! :p

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