Jun 18, 2009

Dissecting Daddy: Labour & Life in Week 1

It was my hubby's idea to start a monthly post talking about things from his perspective. We'll do it interview-style as he's not much of a writer and wants to spend any free time he has with Janey. Of course, when I suggested doing an "interview" he asked if I would sleep with him to get more information out of him... ha ha ha. Men!

Here we go...

Jen: What were your thoughts and concerns during labour and delivery?

Dan: My only concerns were that Jane came out healthy and that you were as comfortable as possible. I did everything from adjusting your pillows to holding you hand and, literally, running to get some dinner. Thinking about your delivery after the fact, I may have placed too much trust in the capabilities of the medical team. I was extremely grateful that your Mom [a nurse] was in the labour room with us. She made sure everything was handled the way it should be... something you and I were not familiar with. If you don't have the luxury of your own personal nurse, I'd recommend to other husbands to ask their medical team a lot of questions, until you are satisfied. You basically have to demand the best care from them, as if it was their own labour.
Jen: What were you thinking during my early labour at home?
I was anxious to get you into the hospital because I didn't want anything to happen at home and I knew you'd be more comfortable and relaxed at hospital.

Jen: What advice to you have for other Dads-to-be on how to be a good labour partner?
Dan: Just be there for your wife. As stressed as you might be, she is way more stressed. So just pretend to be confident and put on a good face. She needs you to be the one thing she can count on.

Jen: You did a great job at this honey! I didn't think you were stressed at all, so to hear you say this cracks me up. You "pretending" to be relaxed definitely helped me as it would have stressed me out big time if I had to calm you down or convince you everything was going to be ok!

Jen: How did you feel when you saw Jane for the first time?

Dan: The single most proudest moment of my life. I thought she was beautiful and I was so relieved that she was healthy.

Jen: What advice do you have for other Dads-to-be re: the first week home?

Dan: Sleep whenever and wherever possible and be prepared to be pooped and peed on!
Basically you have to be a "servant" to your wife as she adjusts to her new role of feeding and cleaning baby in a constant cycle. I've gotten a lot of glasses of water, cleaned the house more than I have in six years and had to cook, which is scary.

Jen: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Dan: Understanding that, as Mommy, Jane is more strongly bonded to you and that you get to spend more time with her, at least at this stage in her life. It's hard to accept but it's a fact of life.

Jen: I can understand how that would be challenging... sometimes I wish you had boobs so I could have a little break!

Jen: What are your biggest concerns now that Jane is here?

Dan: Just being the best parent I can be. I want to make sure I teach her all the right lessons. Being a parent makes you want to be a better person so that you're a better role model for your child.

Jen: Anything else?

Dan: Not this time but I'm sure I'll have lots to talk about in a month!

Looking forward to my next "interview" with my hubby... he's super cute wanting to help me out. I hope he can help us gain some insight into how our hubbies are truly feeling, what they are concerned about, what they are annoyed about, etc. It definitely can't hurt!

Jen :)

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Jessica and Michael said...

What a great idea. How sweet. You two sound like such wonderful parents. Congrats to you both!