Jun 21, 2009

Baby Blues

Thought I'd do a quick mention about the "Baby Blues"... my neighbour, who's Mommy to a sweet 16 mth old, made sure to prepare me for this experience pre-labour. She told her story of completely breaking down to her nurse while still in the hospital after baby spit up and she wasn't there to comfort him right away.

The baby blues apparently affect 60-80% of women post-delivery - causing us to cry over nothing and be a little moody. Apparently it's caused by hormone changes post-birth but can be exaggerated by exhaustion and being overwhelmed by your new little bundle. Thankfully, it's only supposed to last from a few days to about two weeks.

For me, I don't think moody has been a factor, but crying over everything and nothing is quite common. I've cried over how much I love Jane and how worried I am about something happening to her. I actually cried over her sweet peach fuzz (a.k.a. lanugo)! I've cried over the slightest disagreement with Dan, or over something stupid, like a commercial, on tv. Made the mistake of watching a Disney movie last week... had to turn it off within the first 10 mins because the cartoon wife died and I was losing it.

My advice - be aware of the baby blues and don't worry about it unless it's completely overwhelming or lasts past two weeks (may be sign of post-partum). Make sure you hubby is prepared for and aware of how normal the blues are as well or he will likely worry about you and make you feel even crazier which will just make you cry more!

Jen :)

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Anonymous said...

I hear you on the baby blues! About 6 days after my son was born my midwife went down her checklist and said "how are you doing emotionally". I started bawling for 10 mins, almost made her cry and NOTHING was wrong!

Jen said...

Ha ha ha - totally understand. We had a visit from the public health nurse (standard here in Nova Scotia) and basically we were told that you shouldn't worry if you cry in front of the nurse as about 90% of women lose it during the visit! :p