May 26, 2009

Preparing for Baby #4 - Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

Most hospitals offer prenatal classes for parents-to-be so you know what to expect during your labour/delivery and to prepare you for taking baby home.

I recommend registering early in your first trimester (click for IWK info). Our class had two parts: Labour/Delivery and Caring for Baby. Dan and I found the labour/delivery class useless as, at 34 weeks, we had already done our research and were up-to-scratch. However, if you prefer classroom learning, it would be beneficial. We found the Caring for Baby class really helpful. Breastfeeding was discussed in depth - the mommas-to-be (including myself) agreed this was a main concern. We also discussed feeding, bathing, diapering, sleep habits, etc.

Our hospital offers a Birth Pre-admission Clinic that I highly recommend (register @ 32 weeks). It covers everything you should know about a hospital delivery - where to park, where to go, what to bring, birth plans, and a tour of the birthing suites and recovery room. Dan really appreciated it as it gave us both peace of mind to know where to go and what to do once we arrive at the hospital... after that point, nobody has a clue how things will unfold! :)

In the next Baby Prep post, I'll list what I've packed in my labour bags. My list is pretty inclusive and should satisfy your needs. Stay tuned...

Jen :)

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