May 19, 2009

Mommy Brain

What cracks me up about this post is the irony of it....technically, this should have been the first post. And had Jenny from 10 months ago started this blog (pre-preggers), I would have completely organized it all beforehand. But as a perfect lead-in to why I created this blog and why I called it Mommy Brain, I experienced "mommy brain" and screwed it up! :p ha ha ha.

For anyone who is pregnant or has been pregnant, you totally get what I'm talking about...almost immediately after I got pregnant, I lost the ability to use my brain properly. I can't remember words, I can't remember appointments, I forget my to-do list items (which I never used to have to actually write down!)...everything. At one point, during an exam for a course I was taking, I literally sat there for 5 minutes trying to figure out the "c" word that I needed to complete my sentence...finally, it came to me - CONVERT!!! I swear I've turned into a completely different person :p Actually Dan tells me I've just turned into him...a man. ha ha ha. And suddenly I find myself being a lot more understanding and compassionate when he forgets it's garbage day or doesn't remember to pick up the milk! We won't talk about the other ways in which I feel I've become a man...gas, acid reflux, beer belly ;) ha ha ha.

Anyways - I've spent the last 38 weeks sending weekly updates on my pregnancy to my friends and family via email. I've also put up belly pics on Facebook every week. And what I've discovered is people love this stuff! So, I thought doing this blog would allow me to vent about what's driving me nuts, share the enjoyable experiences and to get advice on the things that are scaring the "you know what" outta me! I hope everyone will comment and share their own experiences as well.

For example, right now, my biggest worry is that baby Jane will be healthy...after the little "scare" last week, that really turned out to be ok, I realized how much I'm already soooo in love with this baby and how heartbroken I would be if something happened to her. So I'm trying to work my way back to my usual positive-thinking Jenny attitude so I stay cool and calm in the next few weeks.


PS - Let me just say up front, if there are spelling/grammar/etc. mistakes in any of these posts...once again, mommy brain. :p

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