May 21, 2009

Docs Appt Update

Hi Everyone,

Had my weekly docs appointment today, which I love! My doctor is great!

Anyways, thankfully, after the "scare" last week, everything was perfect today. They checked baby's heart rate while I was on my back and it was back to the 130 range - PHEW!!

Also, I am a little excited as the Doc asked me if I wanted a physical to see "where I was at" and I was ALL OVER that! Then, she asked me if I wanted a "membrane sweep"...which coincidentally I just read about on Baby Centre last night. OF COURSE, I said yes! I have no expectations, but the doc said that in some women this stimulation of the cervix can help move labour along and, if nothing else, helps decrease the chances that you will be overdue. She also mentioned she's on call this weekend which made me giddy with the thought of going into labour this weekend! YIPEE! Ok, like I said, no expectations, but a girls gotta dream! :p

I'm on my way out the door to go for a walk now. I've been walking in my subdivision every morning and it's just full of large hills...I find when I walk downhill, I feel a lot of pressure in my lower belly so I'm hoping this may help "speed things along". Also, and I warned him, I'm "forcing" my hubby to have sex tonight as I read at the docs office that there is a little truth to that myth...apparently there are prostaglandins (hormones) in male sperm that can help "ripen" the cervix. So, I'm hitting the baby with a one-two punch today and we'll see if it works!!

Keep ya posted!

Jen :)

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