May 23, 2009

39 Week Update

Hi Everyone,

Here is my update for 39 weeks. YIPEE, I'm still pregnant!!! That's 200% sarcasm in case it's not obvious.

Yesterday was a beautiful, hot, spring day here and it was brutal! Thank god I don't have to be pregnant through the summer! Sorry for those of you who have to be as yesterday sucked! I was hot, cranky, uncomfortable, swollen, etc. I'm also thinking the whole "membrane sweep" was a bad idea as far as my attitude goes... it definitely got my hopes up that I'd go into labour earlier and now I'm slightly agitated that I don't feel any different and, therefore, am unlikely to pop this baby out today! :p ha ha ha.

Even my Baby Centre update says "if you're reading this email, you probably haven't given birth yet"... rubbing it in. It also says that 75% of babies come after their due date... the truth is best left unsaid in this case! I just want to see/hold this baby already and be able to tie my shoes, and bend over, and get off the couch on my own! And I don't want to waddle anymore! I want my cute, womanly walk back! And I want to use all this darn baby stuff that's all over my house already! :p

I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. I think my braxton-hicks are waking me up as they are definitely longer and stronger lately and it becomes quite difficult to remain comfortable. Baby continues to "lighten" (move down) and as she does my belly points further out. I actually lost weight this week but feel twice as big, go figure!

Daddy-to-be Dan is playing in an ultimate frisbee tourney this weekend in the valley (an hour away). He's got his cell and has basically sworn to check every 5 seconds to see if I've called...he's already called 3 times and he's only been gone for 3 hours - "checking his reception" he says, too cute! He's so excited!

Well that's it for this week. Obviously I will keep everyone posted if anything changes. I pre-apologize for next week's pregnancy update because if there is a PREGNANCY update next week, I likely won't be able to joke about it all as much as I have today! ha ha ha. As my friend Kristie has said, "pray for the rupture". ha ha ha.

Jen :)

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Unknown said...

I definitely relate to EVERYTHING you are saying. My one complaint throughout this great pregnancy is that I want my body back. I want to be able to walk (faster), wear 'normal' clothes, and bend over without grunting and groaning. Let's just hope our babies come soon. Perhaps they are timing their adventure in the world. Good luck with the final days of pregnancy and hopefully our blogs this coming week will be to share our new arrivals. take care.


Jen said...

Thanks Jill! It is fabulous to have someone due at the same time... will definitely be a help when we're trying to figure it all out together!