May 6, 2010

Life is Crazy

I'd be lying if I said that I hated being busy. I love it. I love having tons of things to do and, when I don't, I create things to do (like my crazy mommy projects).

So, added to my photography course, my TWO (yes, now two) wedding websites that I'm doing for friends, job hunting, and, oh yeah, that whole being a Mom thing :p, I have had company for almost three weekends straight. That is not a complaint by any means, we love the company we've had and are about to have... what I am complaining about is the cleaning. Oh, the cleaning. It's never ending. Just when I get the entire house cleaned (which takes 2-3 days because of the whole not wanting to neglect my child factor), I technically need to go back and re-clean the first rooms because they are already starting to get dusty and dingy again. Awesome. Oh, and let me give you a little tip, don't ever get dark hardwood floors! Especially not if you have a white cat and if you like your sanity. As soon as you vacuum them (the swiffer sweeper vac is a godsend), you turn around and there is another dust bunny or crumbs or something. Useless. Also, you inevitably buy dark wood furniture to match which proudly displays dust like Pamela Anderson does cleavage.

So, I have to go clean. My mother-in-law is coming tomorrow and, for my own pride, this place will need to be spic-n-span. Does anyone else feel like "mother-in-law" is a bad word? It's funny, maybe because on tv and such there are such bad depictions of mother-in-laws that whenever I say it, I feel like I'm insulting someone! :p I think we should create a new word that doesn't have such a negative association with it. I know a lot of "texters" and internet-savvy mommas say "MIL" or "M-I-L", which isn't bad but too close to MILF for me, which is just weird and, with my mommy brain, I risk typing MILF which will be even weirder!

Have a great Thursday! OH, I just realized there was a new Shemar Moore show last night (a.k.a. Criminal Minds)... now I'm even crabbier about having to clean while Jane naps. Hmmm. Maybe I can put it off for another hour. If I turn on music and dance with the mop, Jane will think we're playing and she won't even notice.

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